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Thyristor Power Controllers
DPU Series Print
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Thyristor Units with Fast, Accurate, & Precise Control
DPU Series are thyristor power controllers with fast, accurate, and precise control. The units feature accurate feedback control through RMS measurement and phase control and zero-cross cycle control are available. Remote monitoring and control are possible via RS485 communication for further user convenience.

High-speed, high-accuracy digital power control with high-speed CPU
* Accurate feedback control (constant current, constant voltage, constant power) through RMS measurement
* Phase control for various load control and zero-cross cycle control (fixed, variable cycles)
* Built-in rapid fuse for internal circuit protection
* Remote monitoring and control: Modbus RTU protocol via RS485 communication
* Contains 6 customizable digital inputs
* Various alarm outputs including current error or heater disconnection (partial disconnection detection)
* Supports various control input signals (current, voltage, potentiometer)
* Possible to install control unit independently
* Applicable loads: super kanthal, platinum, molybdenum, carbon, halogen lamp, chrome, nickel, etc.