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Menics Products
Menics Co., Ltd., established in 1986, is an expert in industrial visual warning devices such as signal/tower lights and automation parts. Its affiliate, Autonics, is marketing its quality products to overseas market outside Korea.
Indicating lights
This unit (Bulb / LED type) giving a signal is used for achieving a goal of production per hour as workers to follow normal working process in production line and for manager to realize processing error immediately.

Signal lights

PWE Series 

Slim LED Wall Mount Signal Lights

MS86W Series 

Low-head Multi-function indicator Light D86mm LED Steady/Flashing/Rotating Lights

MS86L Series 

D86mm LED Steady / Flashing Signal Lights

MS86T Series 

Multi-functional D86mm LED Steady/Flashing/Rotating Signal Lights

MS86M Series 

LED Multi Color D86mm LED 3 Colors in 1 Signal Strobe Lights

MS86S Series 

D86mm Xenon lamp Strobe Lights

MS115S Series 

D115mm Xenon lamp Signal Light

MS115T Series 

Multi-Functional D115mm LED Steady/Flashing/Ratating Signal Light

MS115M Series 

LED Multi Color D115mm LED 3 Colors in 1 Signal Strobe Light

MS115C Series 

D115mm LED Only Flashing Signal Lights

MS115L Series 

D115mm LED Steady / Flashing Signal Lights

ML Series 

D66mm Bulb Revolving Warning Signal Light

ASG/APG Series 

D86mm Bulb Revolving Warning Signal Light

AVG Series 

D135mm Large Revolving Warning Signal Lights

MWE Series 

D90mm Wall Mounting Semicircular Multicolored LED Signal Light (Single Lens)

MS56L Series 

D56mm Dome Head LED Signal Light

MS66 Series 

D66mm Compact, Low-power LED Signal Light

MW86T Series 

D86mm Wall Mounting Signal Light (Multi Sound)

MW86M Series 

D86mm Wall Mounting LED 3 Colors in 1 Signal Light (Multi Sound)

MW86N Series 

D86mm Wall Mounting Electronics Siren - 3 Types of Built-in Sounds