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Controllers are widely used in industrial control systems to adjust or maintain desired outputs of specific processes within a desired range. Autonics provides a diverse range of highly accurate and reliable controllers for ideal system control.
Temperature Controllers
Temperature Controllers, used in wide variety of industries, is the starting and important tools for the controlling of the temperature to get desired results in various industries. Autonics' Analog/Digital(PID) temperature controllers, offer quick setup and provide precise temperature management and control for a variety of applications while offering the better price, design and easy operation. They will be the definite choice for your successful control in any temperature applications.

PID type

TX Series 

LCD Display PID Temperature Controllers

TCN Series 

Dual Display, PID Control Temperature Controller

TC Series 

Single Display, PID Control Temperature Controller

TK Series 

Standard High Accuracy PID Temperature Controllers

TZN/TZ Series 

Dual PID Control Temperature Controller
Module type

TM Series 

Modular Multi-Channel PID Temperature Controllers
Board type

TB42 Series 

Board Type, Dual PID Control Temperature Controller
Analog type

TA Series 

Analog, Non-Display, PID Control Temperature Controller


Analog and Non-indicating type, Set temperature by dial
Refrigeration Controllers

TC3YF Series 

Refrigeration Temperature Controller

TF3 Series 

Refrigeration Temperature Controllers
5_point input type

T4WM Series 

Automatic switching function of 5 point temperature indication
Temperature/humidity sensors

THD Series 

Room/Wall Mount/Duct Mount Type Temperature/Humidity Transducer
Digital type

T3/T4 Series 

Upgraded Features Including Revamped Design and Size Reduction

T4LP Series 

Dual setting type, High accuracy temperature controller